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Interior Decoration in Mallorca

If you are looking to remodel or renovate your home, an Interior Decorator is the best choice you can make to ensure a professional finish based on your needs and budget. Most people use the terms ‘interior decorating’ or ‘interior design’ interchangeably. However, these are two totally different services. Interior Decoration is the furnishing or adorning of a space to satisfy the needs of a client; while Interior Design also focuses on making your house functional and beneficial. Therefore, Interior Designers may decorate, but Interior Decorators do not design.

As you can imagine, if you want to give your house a makeover and do not have time to do it on your own, do not hesitate and contact Oliver Home Staging. Our Interior Decorators in Mallorca will decorate your house according to your personality, tastes and preferences. Besides, before hiring our services we will send you different options and quotes so that you can choose the option which best suits your budget.

Decorate your home or business

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Home Decor

Our Home Decor Service is the best option for those who want to decorate their home or business without changing the furniture. This service is all about decorating and reorganizing (not changing) every room to make the most of the house, reusing all the existing elements to improve furniture layout. It is important to highlight that home decor does not include a radical change of style or home remodelling. In fact, home decor never alters the original design or, at least, not dramatically. Rather, it is simply updated or ‘renovated’ to make your house look beautiful, fresh and elegant. On a regular basis, Home Decor in Mallorca is used by families or young couples who have just moved to a new home and want to renovate its decoration. Although we decorate using everything you may have in your house, some new elements will be added to enhance the chosen interior design scheme.

Home redecoration is the most popular service among our clients in Mallorca, as it involves a complete redecoration of their house. However, this does not mean that we simply get rid of the old furniture and purchase new furnishings to fit the new environment. When we decorate interior (and if required, exterior) spaces, we think of every single detail to create the style you want for your home.
Besides, we are fully aware that repurposing particular furniture or artwork into the new design is one of the best ways to convey your personality, so we will first assess how your present furnishings can work with your new interior design. In this regard, it goes without saying that we will give particular attention to integrating treasured memories such as pictures and objects of sentimental value.
Still, it should be noted that if new furniture is needed, the agreed price shall be respected and under no circumstances increased.
Home redecoration is ideal for new homes, rental houses or holiday homes—places you want to rediscover its beauty and fall in love with all over again. This service also includes purchase management, installation and consultation, as well as a personalised study of each client’s needs to redecorate their house based on their tastes and preferences. In this way, the decoration of your home will be both beautiful and personal. In addition, as there is no need to use your present furnishings when redecorating, we are able to offer a tailored, flexible solution to your needs. Do not hesitate and contact us for further information! Whether it is a fresh coat of paint or a complete redecoration, we will go the extra mile to ensure the work is completed on schedule.

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Home Redecoration

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company


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Why hire an Interior Decorator in Mallorca?

If you do not like the appearance of the house you are currently living in, our Interior Decorators in Mallorca can help you change your mind. Hiring an Interior Decorator is highly advisable because Interior Decoration is what makes your house a home. Basically, Interior Decoration is all about individual taste and style, which means that our Interior Decorators in Mallorca will choose the decoration that best reflects your personality. Put simply, they analyze your home or business and decorate it keeping in mind what you like the most.

Think of us as experts who can help you bring an entirely new look to your home and will do whatever it takes to make you fall in love with it again.

Benefits of Interior Decoration

If you hire our Interior Decorating Services in Mallorca, you will give your home or business a whole new makeover with full guarantees that it will be just the way you imagine. Our Interior Decorators place at your disposal their creativity skills and know-how to provide you with a wide range of options to decorate interior (and exterior) spaces according to your personality. These are some of the Interior Decorating Services you can expect from us:

  • Professional advice and recommendations.
  • Selection of materials.
  • Addition of new design items and wall art.
  • Improvement of furniture layout.
  • Selection of colour scheme, textures and light.
  • Getting in contact with architects or interior designers (if home remodelling is needed).
Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Decoration Process Stages

Regardless of the type of decoration you need for your house or business, at Oliver Home Staging we create a detailed project plan to guide our work. In doing so, we make things easier for you as you will be able to know and identify the different stages and deadlines. On a regular basis, these project plans go as follow:

  • Stage 1: Visit. We visit the property to offer you a personalized quote.
  • Stage 2: Meeting. During that visit, we have a meeting with the client to discover their needs and tastes.
  • Stage 3: Analysis. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the property to decide what could be done in terms of comfort, functionality and visual appearance.
  • Stage 4: Project. We start thinking of everything your home needs depending on the type of service you require (home decor or home redecoration). However, it is important to remember that we also offer interior design services, which means you can also ask for home remodelling quotes.
  • Stage 5: Report. Thanks to the previous analysis, we are able to draw up a detailed report in which we collect information on all the finishes and design options: colours, materials, measures, etc. We also attach visual proposals (or building plans) for better understanding.
  • Stage 6: Quote and acceptance.
  • Stage 7: Once the quote has been accepted, we start our work to ensure it is completed on schedule. This stage finishes, of course, when keys are handed over.

Interior Decorating Projects

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company
Interior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Hammocks can also be used indoors. A mixture of textures, wood, baskets and carpets.

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company
Interior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Cushions speak for themselves in a comfortable living room. Grey textures and green shades with the warmth of natural wood. The shaggy rug offers delicacy, style and elegance.

Interior Decorator | Home Staging Company
Interior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Rattan, wood, rope, cotton, pastel colours, smoothness… that is what any terrace decor should have. Few design items but a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Proyecto Home Staging
Interior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging CompanyInterior Decorator | Home Staging Company

Bring more natural light into your house and let it shine on every single item. Modern furniture, nice colour scheme and a blending of lines and curves. Materials with a touch of wood and vegetation. The quality and finish of the floor is the perfect final touch.